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A Philosophy Podcast by Jordan Myers (MA Student, University of Houston)

About the show

I'm Jordan Myers and I'm a Master's student studying philosophy at the University of Houston. Plato's Cave is my attempt to exit... well, the cave. It's a philosophy podcast meant to help me guide my ascent to the real world, the truth, the place where life is worth living; and apparently that means giving up a regular job with good pay to pursue the security of the academic job market - the philosophy job market nonetheless. Join me on my journey as I cover philosophical works and speak with the best philosophical minds I can convince to come on the show!


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    Ep. 12 - Bernardo Kastrup: Why Materialism Cannot Explain Consciousness

    August 17th, 2020  |  1 hr 18 secs
    bat, being, bernardo, body, cave, chalmers, consciousness, david, decomposition, descartes, dualism, epi, epiphenomenolism, experience, experiment, facing, first, grad school, graduate, hard, idealism, is, it like, jordan, kastrup, materialism, metaphysics, mind, muckraker media, myers, nagel, nature, objective, ontology, panpsychism, person, phd, phenomenological, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, problem, reality, reductionism, reductionist, science, subjective, the, theory of mind, thomas, thought, to be, up, what, zombie

    In this episode, I speak with Bernardo Kastrup, who holds a PhD in Philosophy and Computer Engineering, about the hard problem of consciousness, idealism, theory of mind, panpsychism, and why materialistic reductionism cannot account for the fact of conscious experience.

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    Ep. 11 - Russell Blackford: Philosophy's Future

    August 14th, 2020  |  1 hr 8 mins
    academia, academic, appearance, blackford, boghossian, broderick, cave, chmess, culture, damien, future, grad school, graduate, guest, james, jordan, lindsay, muckraker media, myers, peter, peterson, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, pop, popular, professor, progress, russell, shapiro, teaching, test, university, woke

    In this episode, I speak with the Philosopher Russell Blackford about his edited book with Damien Broderick on the problems of philosophical progress, pop-philosophy, academic isolation, interdisciplinary work, and more. This was a wonderful insight on the niche details of the field, and will be of interest to both PhD's and fans of philosophy alike.

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    Ep. 10 - Jon Rosen: What's Fair Game in a Conversation?

    June 18th, 2020  |  1 hr 52 mins
    cave, conversations, dialectic, disagree, facebook, fair, game, grad school, graduate, jon, logic, muckraker media, online, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, politics, rappaport's rules, reason, rhetoric, rosen, social media, stalemate, truth

    In this episode, I speak with Dr. Jon Rosen about his Facebook discussion group Fair Game and about how to have difficult conversations generally. We discuss the challenges, what it means to be a reasonable interlocutor, and more.

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    Ep. 9 - Matthew McManus: Myth and Mayhem

    June 12th, 2020  |  1 hr 6 secs
    a left, and, b., cave, communism, conservative, critique, freedom, grad school, graduate, individual, jordan, leftist, liberty, marxism, marxist, matt, matthew, mayhem, mcmanus, morality, muckraker media, myth, peterson, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, politics, religion, rhetoric, right, zero books

    In this episode, I sit down with Matthew McManus to discuss the new book he co-authored: Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson.

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    Ep. 7 - Public Historian Justin Clark

    April 24th, 2020  |  1 hr 25 mins
    capitalism, cave, clark, coronavirus, covid, democracy, economic theory, fairness, grad school, graduate, historian, history, justice, justin, leftist, liberalism, marxism, muckraker media, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, political philosophy, politics, public, socialism, society, wealth, wealth inequality

    In this episode, I speak with Public Historian Just Clark about the current social and economic situation surrounding COVID and about the underlying philosophy and logic of different political ideologies in general.

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    Ep. 5 - The Milgram and Zimbardo Experiments (& Golhagen vs Browning on Nazis)

    April 4th, 2020  |  1 hr 46 mins
    450 volts, abu ghraib, abuse, asch, authority, browning, cave, conformity, crimes, evil, experiment, germany, goldhagen, grad school, graduate, iraq, milgram, morality, muckraker media, murder, nazi, obedience, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, prison, rape, shock, stanford, test, war, yale, zimbardo

    In this episode, I discuss the Stanley Milgram and Phil Zimbardo experiments and what they say about our human nature. These experiments are also tied into the Browning vs Goldhagen debate on how he German population was convinced to do such terrible acts during the holocaust.

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    Ep. 4 - Ben Burgis: Moral Responsibility in a Determined World

    March 29th, 2020  |  1 hr 34 mins
    argument, bejamin, ben, blame, burgis, cave, compatiblism, determinism, free will, freedom, give, grad school, graduate, jon, kant, korsgaard, michael brooks, moral, morality, muckraker media, neuroscience, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, punishment, resentment, responsibility, rosen, skeptic, strawson, them

    In this episode, I speak with Ben Burgis for a second time about free will compatiblism in a deterministic world. We speak about the metaphysics of free will and determinism, and what should constitude ground for moral responsibility. We also discuss my grad school writing sample and Christine Korsgaard's work.

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    Ep. 3 - Alastair Wilson: The Nature of Contingency

    March 20th, 2020  |  1 hr 1 min
    alastair, birmingham, cave, choice, contingency, counterfactual, decision theory, dr., free will, grad school, graduate, metaphysics, multiple worlds, options, oxford, phd, philosophy, physics, plato, plato's cave, professor, quantum, self, theory, university, wilson

    In this episode, I spoke with Professor Alastair Wilson about his newly released book, The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism. We spoke about contingency, counterfactuals, the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum physics, free will, and more.

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    Ep. 2.11 - (ft.) Ben Burgis and Jon Rosen: Do We Have Free Will?

    March 16th, 2020  |  1 hr 36 mins
    ben, burgis, cave, compatiblism, crime, determinism, fatalism, free will, grad school, graduate, incompatiblism, iona iltaila, jerry coyne, jon, luck, moral, neuroscience, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, punishment, puppet, responsibility, robot, rosen, sam harris, two for tea

    In this episode, Ben Burgis and Jon Rosen join me for a discussion on whether we have free will, or not, and if we do have it, is it the important type of freedom? I very much enjoyed hearing the two of them spar and I hope you find it valuable as well.

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    Ep. 2.9 - Moral Hypocrisy

    March 16th, 2020  |  1 hr 22 mins
    cave, deception, empathy, ethics, grad school, graduate, hypocrisy, hypocrite, itunes: moral hypocrisy, itunes:59, lying, moral hypocrisy, morality, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, relationships, that's bs, thats bs, thought experiment

    In this episode, Giffin, Jordan, Brian, and Adam talk about what moral hypocrisy is and what it is not. Plus, how bad is being a moral hypocrite really? Is is actually worse to be a hypocrite than just lie? Find out in this episode.

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    Ep. 2.10 - Moral Responsibility: Freedom and Resentment by P.F. Strawson

    March 16th, 2020  |  24 mins 40 secs
    cave, compatiblism, determinism, free will, freedom and resentment, galen, grad school, graduate, itunes:61, itunes:pf strawon, korsgaard, moral responsibility, objective attitude, optimist, p.f. strawson, pessimist, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, reactive attitude, responsibility, strawson, that's bs, thats bs, watson

    In this episode, I discuss P.F. Strawson's landmark paper on moral responsibility, Freedom and Resentment, and its posing challenges towards those who believe free will and determinism have anything to do with responsibility.

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    Ep. 2.7 - (ft.) Clyde Rathbone

    March 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 6 mins
    cave, clyde rathbone, conversation, dayne rathbone, dialetic, epistemology, grad school, graduate, internet, itunes:54, itunes:letter, letter, letter wiki, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, rhetoric, that's bs, thats bs, trolling, twitter

    In this episode, I speak with Clyde Rathbone who is a co-founder of Letter, a new and very engaging online marketplace of conversations. We discuss why the platform is very unique and inspiring, and about the health of out conversations, doing things that mater, and finding meaning in life. It was a all-around great talk, and I hope you think so too!

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    Ep. 2.5 - Aristotelian Virtue Ethics vs Consequentialism

    March 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 13 mins
    aristotle, cave, consequantialism, ethics, grad school, graduate, itunes:43, itunes:aristotlepart2, mean, morality, objectivism, part 2, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, realism, relativism, that's bs, thats bs, vice, virtue

    In this episode, In this episode, Jordan, Brian, and Adam discuss the possible shortcomings of Aristotelian ethics as opposed to consequentialism or deontology. Plus, a quibble on moral relativism.

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    Ep. 2.4 - Aristotle's Virtue Ethics

    March 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 11 mins
    action, aristotle, cave, consequentialism, ethics, eudiamonia, grad school, graduate, itunes:episode, itunes:title, life, morality, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, that's bs, thats bs, vice, virtue

    Part 1 of a 2 part series on Aristotelian virtue ethics.

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    Ep. 2.2 - (ft.) Pastor Paul Vanderklay

    March 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 23 mins
    bible, cave, church, depression, family, god, grad school, graduate, itunes:32, itunes:paul vanderklay, jesus, jordan peterson, meaning, myth, pastor, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, religion, sam harris, that's bs, thats bs

    In this episode, I spoke with Paul about many interesting topics: God, my religious experiences, his pastoral work, Jordan Peterson's religiosity, interpreting scripture, and more. This was a really interesting and fun episode, and I hope you think so too!

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    Ep 2.3 - (ft.) Helen Pluckrose

    March 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 15 mins
    cave, epistemology, grad school, graduate, grievance studies, helen, hoax, identity politics, itunes:37, itunes:helen pluckrose, phd, philosophy, plato, plato's cave, pluckrose, postmodernism, regressive left, that's bs, thats bs

    In this episode, I sit down with Helen Pluckrose to discuss the grievance studies papers she co-authored. We also discuss epistemology on the left and her upcoming book and how to combat regressive leftism.