Maximilian Kiener

Special guest

I am a philosopher at the University of Oxford and I specialize in moral and legal philosophy. My research, which is supported by a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, focuses on consent, responsibility, and artificial intelligence. I am currently writing a monograph on responsibility and artificial intelligence, under contract with Hart.

I am also an Associate Editor of The Journal of Practical Ethics and an Associate Research Fellow of The Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford, the ERC-project Roots of Responsibility, based at UCL, and the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

In addition to my philosophical research, I am committed to public engagement and policy-making. I am a Teaching Fellow on the Europaeum Scholars Programme, I am a member of the clinical research ethics committee Oxford C South Central, and I regularly write articles for wider audiences, e.g. in The Conversation on consent in COVID-19 challenge trials, on cyber-security and medical disclosure, or on whether it's okay to manipulate people into getting vaccinated.

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